Alambic is...

Brenda Lanoue on accordion

Bob Lanoue
on guitar and vocals.

Brenda and Bob have been playing music together since shortly
after they met in 1998, when they found that they shared an appreciation for music commonly described as "American Standards."

Brenda and Bob also share an appreciation for the culture and
language of France and Quebec. During an otherwise wonderfully romantic dinner in Quebec City, Brenda, while berating Bob for his sad lack of French vocabulary, suggested that he try learning and memorizing the lyrics to some French songs that were being sung by the restaurant's strolling accordionist. This led to three things,

1.) On the way home they discovered the coolest music store in the world, Archambault's in Montreal.

2.) They discovered the poetic lyrics and beautiful melodies of Monsieur Charles Trenet and

3.) Bob retaliated by giving Brenda an accordion for Christmas.

Brenda has taken to the accordion and the French musette style with a passion.

While Bob has been playing guitar about 40 years, his focus has shifted noticeably from Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page to Nat King Cole, Joe Pass, Jazz and Brenda's beloved, Charles Trenet. These days Bob's style tends toward complex chord/melody arrangements as well as backing rhythms to his own vocals and Brenda's accordion melodies.

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